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It's not a visit with my mom until she and I are laughing hysterically over our own innuendo and my brothers are torn between laughing and being extremely uncomfortable with our sense of humor.

Mom and me: *wrapping yarn to make felted wool dryer balls*

Mom: *holds hers up to mine* My balls are bigger than yours.

Me: *snicker* But I have more balls than you *holds up pantyhose containing caterpillared balls of yarn*

Mom: *amidst giggles* That is a lot of balls.

Me: looks like anal beads, really. scary ones. XD

Brother: *laughing while clearly questioning our sanity* Sounds like a personal problem.

Me: It's just so looong... *shakes pantyhose*

Brother: *covers mouth like we can't tell he's laughing and shakes his head*

Mom: We're just more ballsy.

Conversation: *devolves into dick and boob jokes and I was laughing too hard to actually remember it*

SUDDENLY: Welcome to Night Vale

Shortest Procrastination Period to Date?
A Summary

Number of times I saw a semi-ambiguous WtNV reblog whilst stalking tumblr the past month: between 5 - 10

Oh yeah, and I finally broke down and got a tumblr *points to sidebar link*

When I finally put google to use to find out wtf Night Vale is: 3 days ago

When I finally decided to just go ahead and start listening already: 2 days ago

When I caught up completely: today

Amount of art I've downloaded: at least 75% of what I've found

Amount of fic I've read: none, but I have 3 tabs open

Amount of podfic I've listened to: everything on audiofic

When I'm going to re-listen: starting tonight, probably; there will be note-taking

Friends I've turned onto it: 1 for sure, maybe more

Communities on lj for Welcome to Night Vale: none... seriously?! I found 2 personal journals which didn't really offer much and just... ok, whatever. I don't have time to make one, jeez. At least there's tumblrs!

Hello, Fandom, my old friend...

OMG I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted. My flist probably totally forgot about me by now. *sigh* I don’t even really have a good reason except for… every time I’d start composing a post in my head, some crazy drama IRL would derail me from posting. Cuz it felt like.. whatever I’d intended to post about in regards to fandom or whatever was totally pointless in relation to real life happenings.. but I didn’t want to bog down my lj with that shit, either. Cuz, honestly, I never intended for so much off my personal drama to be on here, but somehow it started getting that way and.. IDK, I felt guilty and whiny or something. So, yeah, um… I’ve probably mentally composed a post at LEAST once a week, but never actually got around to typing it out because of one thing or another. Ugh.

So, like I said, I’m going to try to avoid RL drama, at least in this post, and post about good things! Namely, the awesome that is “new” fandoms and the ability to share them with people (IRL, even).

So, last summer I took my annual trip to my mom’s and, amongst the vacation-y things we did together, we ended up watching a lot of shows I’d been procrastinating on. Collapse )
Sakura *fist*


ACTA, wtf, gtfo grrrrrr

There's global protests being organized for Saturday, in case anyone was unaware? Ofc, I'll be recovering in the hospital at that time...

Ugh, governments, why must you be oppressive? Also? Stop making me worry about the future state of fandom, okay? jfc
KakaNaru *hug*

[KakaNaru Ficlet] That Boy

Title: That Boy
Author: ladygizarme
Pairing: Kakashi x Naruto
Words: 1,880
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Beatles cover band!AU, recent Sasuke relationship, rusty writing
A/N: Written for this prompt on naruto_meme’s sentence prompt meme:
Kakashi/Naruto, AU, backstage: And then, in the pale blue glow of the backstage walk lights, Naruto grabbed his tie and kissed him.

Collapse )
Naruto *burning eyes D8*


SO... J is visiting his bro for the weekend. I had him take the van cuz it'll save on gas cost that way. Temps are in 100s, so the plan is to hang out inside with the boys, playing and watching movies I downloaded...

...except, suddenly my laptop froze... And when I restarted it, it started making this horrible clicking sound and won't. Actually. Start. Up.

I'm posting this from my phone, which is also being a bitch today. So I'm really lucky this attempt is working. In related news of tech hating me, the dvd player refused to open for me earlier, after several attempts where I tried turning it off/on/pushing the open button again and the display said "opening" for 5 mins at a time and still did nothing.... Then J went over there and it worked perfectly for him. Wtf, technology, srsly. WTeverlovingF

So, compy, yeah...I was going to post fic. And write. And. Just. FUUUUUCK. Even if I can't get it started, it should be ok as long as my files are still there to be recovered...if they're gone, though, I'm going to be sick. I haven't backed anything up since March. DDD:
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